From the murky waters of the North FL swamps, the 5 piece rock outfit has been named one of the hottest bands coming out of the southeast. After enlisting the expertise of engineer/producer Lee Dyess and Earthsound Recordings (notable for working with such bands as Mayday Parade, From First to Last, Evergreen Terrace, and Go Radio) the new 7 song album entitled “This is the Way” dropped late summer 2021 on Isotopia records & has received rave reviews throughout Big Picture Media outlets and PR affiliates. The Brown Goose gears up for the subsequent fall tour in promotion of “This is the Way” and can be caught blazing a trail throughout the southeast US.


"The band’s latest album, This Is The Way,  is nice blend of metal, rock and emo – and while The Brown Goose dips its toes in the waters of yesteryear, their polished effort takes flight into the future.

If they can replicate the sounds of the album live, we think this band will have gaggles of new fans".

          - Newswhistle 

"A melodic, dark electric guitar sets the tone for the track, before opening up for more complex rhythmic parts to take over. Rapid fire drum fills and a punchy bass make way for the vocals, a smooth but evocative tone that lends just the right amount of urgency and feeling to the track. 


"Arriving at the chorus, there’s just a hint of pop-punk influence in the execution, the tension in the melody, strong harmonies, and the driving beat just slightly reminiscent of many much-loved bands of the early 2000’s. But this is still a definitively modern rock track, and the powerful chorus is a testament to that.


"Top things off with a ripping guitar solo at 3:49, followed by a slightly stripped down chorus that really puts this group’s strong vocals – both lead and harmony – on display, and this track has everything you could want in a both fresh-but-familiar alternative rock track."

- The Ark of Music

"The Brown Goose Band shout up to the heavens on the emotionally charged ode of “Apocalyptic Love Song”. Vocals serve as the beating heart of the track from which all else flows. Lyrics effortlessly show off their uncanny storytelling abilities while the narrative unfurls with poetic beauty. Multiple layers intermingle to develop into a rich tapestry of sound."

- Skope

"Sophisticated  smokin' indie rock"


"Of the many rock singles I’ve listened to in 2020, this one stands out with one keyword – “lasting”… I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an 'EQ' (energy quotient) score of 4.98."  


- Rotcod Zzaj - Contemporary Fusion Reviews